Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Contoh Recount Text - Example of Recount Text

Hai hai semuanya!!! *heboh baget
Ini dia postinganku yang kedua...
Dulu aku pernah disuruh sama guruku buat recount text. 
Langsung aja deh yach..
Nah ini nich recount text yang aku buat


Two years ago, I visited Borobudur Temple. I went there with my parent and my little sister. We went to Borobudur temple by car. I left my house at nine o’clock. It took us fourty five minutes to drive a car. I arrived there at a quarter to ten. Along the road, I saw many vehicles, houses, buildings, trees, and peoples.
After we arrived at the Borobudur temple, my father went to park the car. My mother, my little sister and i went to buy tickets. After we waited my father we entered into Borobudur temple area's. Then we went up to the top of the temple. Borobudur temple was built at Budur Village, Magelang, Jawa Tengah by Dinasty Syailendra. Borobudur Temple is the biggest temple in the world. It has 504 statue and 1.400 relief.   From the top of the temple we can looked beautiful scenery. I played with my sister and bought drinks. Finally, we go back house.
I felt tired but I felt so happy can visited Borobudur temple with my family. I hope the temple was cared for by all of the visitors and the government.

Nah itu lah recount text berhasil aku buat. Cuma sederhana sich tapi Semoga Bermanfaat!!!

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